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For music lovers

Buzzoo brings your music to the places you visit, like bars, restaurants, cafés, and stores. With Buzzoo and your phone, you can choose to play your favourite tracks completely FREE. Buzzoo has many other great features too, like:

Massive track library

1Express your taste in music from our wide range of artists, genres and ages.

Everywhere you are

1Enjoy creating the soundtrack for your favourite places and even suggest ones that don't yet have Buzzoo.

Connect through music

1Share your passion with others, compete to create the atmosphere, and even make new friends.

For business

Buzzoo is the exciting new social music service for business. Buzzoo allows you to provide quality, licensed music to visitors of your premises, in a simple and reliable way. Furthermore, Buzzoo allows visitors to influence the music being played and connect with your business through their smartphones. It’s like moving the jukebox onto the smartphone and turning it into a remote control so that the crowd becomes the DJ.

Simple to install, Buzzoo works on any web-enabled device, or on the Buzzoo Media Player. This means Buzzoo that you can quickly and effortlessly introduce great music in your business, no matter what your experience level

Give visitors to your business a unique interactive experience by allowing them to influence the music. This enhances the atmosphere and ensures your business stands out from the crowd.

Connect with visitors and promote your business through social media using Buzzoo. Foster increased awareness through careful targeting, messaging, and rewarding.

Choose a ready-to-go, fully legal and commercially licensed music service for your business and save time, expense, and worry. Buzzoo offers a range of pricing plans and payment methods to suit all types of business.

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